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    Thu, 18 Nov 2004

    Last day at ApacheCon
    Today is the last day of the ApacheCon 2004. I already attended the two velocity sessions in the morning and am ready to write some code to make Japanese translation of HTTP Server Project web possible.

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    Wed, 17 Nov 2004

    Fourth day at ApacheCon
    There are too many things going on here so I can't write down everything. I volunteered for two session chair duty and the last one ended this morning. I got too nervous at both times and couldn't say all what I had prepared for introduction. I'm not gifted at public speach and English. I don't have any responsibilities here so everything left is for me to have fun and lean interesting things. There's been interesting talks and meeting people are fun. I'm set to enjoy the rest of ApachCon.

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    Tue, 16 Nov 2004

    Third day at ApacheCon
    I can't believe it's already the third day of ApacheCon. Time literally flies. Hackathon has been great for me. I'm really glad that I decided to come here. From today, "normal" part of ApacheCon starts. I'm looking forward to this part of the conference, too. There are lots of interesting sessions I want to attend.

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