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    Wed, 17 Nov 2004

    Today's keynote speach was about Mono by Miguel de Icaza. I have had mild interest in Mono but the presentation really did boost my interest. I have lots of interest in programming language. My master's thesis was about Garbage Collection. I worked on Lisp VM (XEmacs) and Jikes RVM. I have to prioritize my interest because I have too many interest but I'd like to learn C# language and mono implementation when I get more time to spare.

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    Fourth day at ApacheCon
    There are too many things going on here so I can't write down everything. I volunteered for two session chair duty and the last one ended this morning. I got too nervous at both times and couldn't say all what I had prepared for introduction. I'm not gifted at public speach and English. I don't have any responsibilities here so everything left is for me to have fun and lean interesting things. There's been interesting talks and meeting people are fun. I'm set to enjoy the rest of ApachCon.

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